See The World In Your Own Time 

That's Amore! 

The dress watch that sees you through all occasions

Voyager will inspire the adventurous in you with its clever embossment of the world map onto their dial, giving it a 3D landscape. 

​Tilt the watch at an angle and you will see the raised profiles of all the continents. With the right lighting, the dial comes alive and you can just imagine yourself in a jet plane flying over the continents or traversing the distant lands to be with family and loved ones in an instant.

With a slim case measuring no thicker than 6mm, the Voyager sits comfortably on any wrist size and tucks neatly under that cuff for a formal outing or complements Ts and jeans just as easily with its relaxed chic. Measuring 42.5mm across, it is an optimum size for the watch aficionados of the new millennium.

Against a backdrop of calm Mediterranean waters and gorgeous coastline, lies high-end boutiques and hushed luxurious hotels and bustling markets. This is Portofino Italy.

Indeed, this small but perfectly coiffured coastal village is behind the inspiration of Trifoglio Italia’s Portofino cuff, with its simple clean lines on one side and chiseled grooves on the other.

Simple as it looks, accessorizing with Portofino can complete your ensemble, or add spunk to an otherwise stuffy outfit. It gives a simple long dress a romantic touch, break the monotony of a dinner jacket, and can be layered with a few more Portofino cuffs or other accessories to achieve the Bohemian look. In truth, the Portofino can take the classic, chic, artsy form, whichever way you like it. It embodies calm relaxation, a reverie of romantic moments, laced with unconventional chic.

Available in 2 sizes: S & L

Wafer thin at just 4.8mm, the slim, minimalist case completes its understated elegance whilst ensuring comfort and ease of fitting under the cuff or dress sleeve.

The interchangeable straps on Radio City can be swapped with ease, instantly transforming its style and character to complement the occasion.​​

Whether dressing for a black-tie occasion, swinging to the dance revelry of a Manhattan nightclub, or simply chilling in the magic sunset of a tropical beach, this inspired timepiece proves equally versatile.

​When dressed on the wrist, its essence makes a statement about the informed, urban, cosmopolitan individual in you, someone who equally appreciates fine tradition and enjoys the whimsical. Its elegance authenticates you as the tastemaker who understands that beauty and class are perfected when the mind is well dressed as the body. 

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