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From the Italian Fast Lanes

Med About Vault

Retrieving small items such as pills from baggage during a flight can get difficult, with limited space to move and search for them.

Trifoglio Italia was thus inspired to create the Vault, which is a watch with a design featuring a special storage compartment made specially for smalls.

              The Vault’s small storage compartment is a unique addition to a simple, classic watch, but Trifoglio Italia has ensured that this compartment does not compromise on the weight and size of the watch. Therefore, the Vault allows you to bring your pills with you on the go without the worry of a bulky watch, as the storage compartment is almost completely unnoticeable.

              The Vault is the perfect solution for you: a simple timepiece that allows you to seamlessly keep smalls with you on the move, and all these completely worry-free.

​​Millimetro is, in a word, dynamic.  A rotating dial watch with an automatic movement, it looks like a puzzle to crack open a vault of treasure.

But looking past the spinning discs, it’s actually very easy to read.
The triangular guide at 12 offers an easy way to tell the time at a glance: Just line up the numbers from the outside in and there you have the time.

Crafted with a stainless steel case and a raised acrylic crystal, it’s water resistant to 50 meters.

The 21-jewel Miyota movement offers a 40-hour power reserve and is manual-wind compatible.

The Veloce is inspired by the clean precision and functionality of the speedometer and tachometer of these cars: two centre-pieces on the motor dashboard measuring the beauty of speed, that of the vehicle and the engine respectively. 

The two rotating discs of Veloce charts the here and now with its dual colour interior “gauge within a gauge” 50’s look. It features black and aged white hour and minute markers, stroked by a red second hand needle which remains the hallmark of the demand for easy reading on the speedometer.  This red pointer gives the illusion of a speedometer needle as it sweeps faster.

Each strap, measuring at 20mm lug width, is crafted from leather sourced from Florence, Italy, carefully red stitched to match the red lines in the dial and reminiscent of fine leather couch.

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